Device Tracking
Unleash all the benefits of tracking items using Wi-Fi or bluetooth tracking

Device Tracking

Are you seeking the most efficient way to track stocked items?

A real-time location system (RTLS) detects the exact location of anything from a vehicle, to an item in a manufacturing plant, to a person. RTLS is used in logistics, health care, the military, retail, recreation, and courier services. Most RTLSs consist of wireless tags, badges or armbands that emit a radio signal. Some tags can also log temperatures through WI-FI or Bluetooth.

The range of RTLS applications is very diverse and benefits can include:

  • Shortened search time for urgent equipment
  • Prevention of theft
  • Reduced patient wait times
  • Alerting caregivers of patient activity/inactivity
  • Improved response times to staff duress (or ‘man down’ scenarios, eg workers in freezer environments), ensuring that blood, tissue or medication are kept at safe temperatures, etc.

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