EKAHAU Solutions

Measure and Analyse your Wireless Network


Ekahau is the global leader in Wi-Fi network design tools, from WLAN network planning to site surveys, analysis and troubleshooting.


NetWireless encorporates the full suite of Ekahau products to ensure their clients have an optimally performing network. 

  • Ekahau Pro

Ekahau Pro, designs, analyses, optimises and troubleshoots wireless networks. This site survey tool supports all access points and every Wi-Fi standard.

  • Ekahau SideKick

An all-in-one solution for measuring and analysing wireless networks for interference and performance issues. Lightweight and easy to carry it provides extremely accurate site surveys and spectrum analysis, completed at lightening speeds. A perfect addition to the IT tool kit, improving productivity through reliable and accurate analysis.

  • Ekahau Capture

Perform packet capture and analysis simultaneously. Easily collect data for further in-depth analysis without having to wait for a wireless expert. The easy to use Airtool, analyses packets down to individual ports and dumps the PCAP onto your desktop ready for you to assess in Wireshark or Eye P.A.

  • Ekahau for Ipad

The first of its kind, an intuitive way to collect comprehensive wi-fi and spectrum analysis from the lightweight comfort of your Ipad. Coupled with the sidekick, surveys can last for up to 8 hours with crystal clear results.

  • Ekahau Training

NetWireless offer certified training of Ekahau products.

NetWireless are an Ekahau silver partner and authorised reseller of Ekahau Connect Solutions across Australia and New Zealand.