ClearPass Solution

Advance Network Access Control and Policy Enforcement for your Network.


Aruba ClearPass is able to solve security challenges across multi-vendor wired or wireless networks by replacing outdated legacy AAA with context aware policies. Delivering granular visibility, policy control and automated workflows in one solution.

Mobile and IoT are changing how we think about Network Access Control, with Aruba ClearPass you can enable third party integration, guest access and have safe on-boarding of BYOD and IoT, all on a standalone profile.

With ClearPass Policy Manager, you can easily establish how many devices are connected to your network, as the built-in device profiling creates comprehensive reporting with real time alerts for any unauthorised access, vastly improving your network security.

NetWireless has highly skilled consultants and engineers in the Aruba suite of products. Our ClearPass expertise is second to none.

Would you like to:

  •    Be more productive?
  •    Facilitate new applications across your organisation?
  •    Integrate IoT and BYOD securely?
  •    Improve the end user experience?
  •    Avoid substantial fines from potential breaches?
NetWireless are Certified Aruba Consultants and our engineers are at the ready to ensure your network is safe and performing optimally.

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