***Melbourne CBD Cyber Security Warning***

Cybercrime is on the increase in Australia with more businesses becoming targets to severe malicious acts. The Hon Malcom Turnbull has recently reported in his Cyber Security Strategy Report that this threat is “unprecedented” with “the rate of compromise increasing and the

Which Wi-Fi Brand Solution?

Wireless networks offer businesses the opportunity to perform business as usual - anytime, anywhere throughout the entire business premises. Now you’ve made the decision to go wireless, it’s important to make an informed choice about the strategy you deploy. Brand strategy

NetWireless Aruba ANZ Retail Partner of the Year 2016

NetWireless is delighted to announce that they enter the New Year as Aruba’s Retail Partner 2016. Winning the award acknowledges NetWireless as a significant channel partner in Australia and New Zealand, delivering high level expertise in enterprise networking, security and man

AGED CARE: Older Australians Rock Their Wi-Fi

Today’s older generation are more educated, tech savvy, informed and discerning about their care needs which places pressure on governments and Aged Care providers to fulfil these growing demands which will continue to intensify over the coming decade. Internet usage amongst

Top 3 Considerations When Designing a WiFi Network

To ensure a wireless network design meets users’ needs within your working environment, careful consideration is required. Here are our top 3 pointers for ensuring` success: 1. Define Density Use and Location Establish the number of people to be serviced wirelessly and w

How Wi-Fi enables Digital Innovation in Horse Racing?

Spring racing carnival fever has hit Melbourne and with 2 days to go until Melbourne’s biggest race event of the year, we (NetWireless) are keen to take a look at the underlying revolution in advanced technology that is transforming the experience both on and off the track.

Revolutionising aged care delivery through WI-FI deployment

With a rapidly growing population of those aged 65 years and over (expected to peak at 22% by 2041*) the demand for digital applications within an aged care setting will continue to intensify over the coming decade. We are seeing a digital inclusion trend within the age care e

The Future of Retail 2016 and Beyond

With the addition of overseas entrants joining the local retail market, Australian retailers are being increasingly challenged to meet already steep growth targets. Seventy-four percent of retailers understand the customer experience is incomplete (Darren Wallace, CMO Asahi 2016)

Tech Diversity Awards 2016 Nomination Award

NetWireless is thrilled to announce that Nicky Monk, lead Mobility Engineer has been shortlisted in the business section of the Tech Diversity Awards 2016. NetWireless prides itself on employing a diverse workforce. As a young female engineer, Nicky excels in her field, and is