Wireless Network Design
NetWireless specialises in wireless solutions.

Wireless Network Design

Wireless Network Design

NetWireless’ highly skilled engineers work together with you to plan and design a wireless infrastructure which supports your business objectives and is in line with your organisations IT expertise.

We will evaluate the scope of the network to be implemented to provide you with an Infrastructure design diagram to act as an architectural deployment plan.

For Wi-Fi to provide true value to the business, convert your businesses strategic objectives into the design to ensure solutions are even more effective over time.

Why have a wireless network design?

  • Network security concerns
  • Define the optimum location of your wireless infrastructure
  • Map the wireless infrastructure
  • IP address structure
  • Cater for the increase in volume density.
  • Cater for the increase in data flow over your network.

NetWireless will assess number of client devices, mission critical applications, the possibility of(Multiple in Multiple Out) MIMO, load balancing, network access control to ensure the network infrastructure design is second to none.