Rugged Handheld Devices

Automation with advanced rugged devices

Do you require accurate data capture delivered straight to your business-critical applications?

Ultra-rugged handheld computers, radio frequency terminals, vehicle mounts are used in demanding applications within warehouse and retail environments.

NetWireless supply the most technologically advanced rugged devices from a range of leading vendors, ensuring accurate data capture is aligned to best suit your environment and application. Further to this, NetWireless manages the connectivity of devices via your wireless connection to ensure data capture automation.

Our in-house service repair centre provides a seamless and quick turnaround for faulty devices including:

  • Broken lasers
  • Barcode Recognition
  • Broken screen, LCD panel or Touch screen functionality
  • Visual display problem
  • Network connectivity can be checked and repaired remotely or via mock circumstances.

Our user-friendly login portal allows you to track the progress and repair of your device.

Should you require assistance Lodge a Repair today.