SECURITY Governance & Compliance

Meeting industry standards for wired and wireless networks


With GDPR and the Notifiable Data Breach Act in play, regulatory compliance is a legal concern for organisations. It is mandatory for organisations to work towards best practice operations.


NetWireless ensures your cyber security is compliant, supporting you through the process, our engineers work to ISO, PCI, NIST and SANS security standards. Best practice is our game!


We assess your current security policies to ensure the governance is in place to maintain confidentially, integrity and availability of systems and applications across employees and third party vendors. 

We can review:

  • Master Security Policy
  • System Specific Security Policy
  • Issue Specific policy

o   Access Control Policy

o   Encryption Policy

o   Email Policy

o   Network Security Policy

§  Authorised Personal Policy

§  Network Device Password Policy

§  Password Construction Policy

§  Failed Logon Attempts Policy

§  Change Requirements Policy

§  Password Policy Enforcement

§  Root Password Guidelines

§  Logging/log Review Retention Policy

§  Firewall Configuration Policy

§  Data Leak Control Policy

§  Network Hardening Policy

§  Network Server Policy

§  IPS/IDS policy


Firstly, complete a Network Security Audit to assess your current security posture and risk. If you are not compliant, we can share a priority list that will ensure progress towards industry standards and best practices in security. 

If enforcing security policy becomes a problem, we can complete an on-premise security awareness session for employees to educate them about the risks to the organisation and themselves.