END POINT Security

Securing the Bridge


As organisations adopt applications and technologies to activate a truly mobile workforce, inherent vulnerabilities are presenting themselves. Hackers use brute force attacks, and back doors to redirect sensitive information whilst remote workers access the network.


End points are still the weakest point on the network. It is extremely important to protect, often forgotten, vulnerable end points such as smart phones, laptops, IoT devices and PC’s. Common examples include security cameras and printers connected to the network via unsecured internet access.


It is a fallacy that antivirus/malware software will be sufficient enough to prevent an end-point initiated attack.


NetWireless can take a deeper dive to assure your security by:


  • Identify all end points accessing the network,
  • Ensure the latest patches and updates are rolled out on all end points,
  • Apply the most up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware software,
  • Ensure switch and routers have strong access control and encrypted passwords,
  • Provide and enforce BYOD/IoT Policy,
  • Onboard new BYOD and IoT safely,
  • Create military grade secure connections back to the corporate network,
  • Manage distributed environments,
  • Rollout plug and play access points to employees premises,
  • Provide real-time alerts of any unusual behaviour.


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