CLOUD Security

Enable the efficiencies of cloud whilst maintaining security


Cloud applications are significantly improving efficiency for businesses, and on the whole offer a viable secure option for data handling. The compromise, however, is that large amounts of data are stored by 3rd parties. Understanding the ownership of data is vital to data protection. 

To prevent data manipulation in transit, NetWireless can assist organisations using cloud services to fortify their application use through: 

  •       Policy and access control aimed at protecting data,
  •       Identify security flows in the service delivery model,
  •       Strong policy enforcement,
  •       Ensure cloud applications are configured with security in mind,
  •    Apply 2 Factor Authentication,
  •    Reduce the use of root passwords,
  •    Apply the principal of least privilege,
  •    Understand the value of your data and the legal implications of a breach in onshore and offshore cloud applications, 
  •    Ensure an incident response process is developed.


Data centres themselves have to work to ensure their operations are secure, NetWireless also assists data centres who are more susceptible to inside the perimeter attacks by configuring, managing and securing the hypervisor.