NETWORK Security

NetWireless Secures Networks


With malicious attacks on the rise, network security is of paramount importance. Companies must protect themselves against the threats posed by cyber criminals, by safeguarding their sensitive data, business critical applications, company revenue and corporate reputation.

Australia is a high-risk country due to its flourishing economy and low unemployment. Cybercrime does not discriminate based on the size or geographical location of your business. Large and small business alike must work collaboratively to ensure Australia is protected.

Concerned? A network audit conducted by NetWireless will identify vulnerabilities and threats within your network.  You can also see our blog which highlights some simple safeguards you can implement immediately.

Think you may be under attack?

Australia’s Notifiable Data Breach Act 2018 is now active. Businesses are required to report any data breaches encountered. If you believe you have had a cyber breach you must report it to the ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Council).