Forward Thinking Network Design - Planning for Tomorrow


NetWireless’ highly skilled engineers work together with you to plan and design a network which supports your business objectives and is in line with your organisations IT expertise.

For wired or wireless networks designs to provide true value to the business, we incorporate your businesses strategic objectives into the design to ensure solutions are even more effective over time.

A comprehensive wired or wirelss network design will:

  • Highlight network security concerns and mitigation,
  • Define the optimum location of your wired/wireless infrastructure,
  • Provide a detail report and map of the proposed infrastructure to use as an architectural deployment plan,
  • Provide clear IP addressing structures,
  • Cater for an increase/decrease in volume density,
  • Cater for the increase/decrease in data flow.

NetWireless will assess the number of client devices, mission critical applications, the possibility of(Multiple in Multiple Out) MIMO, load balancing and network access control to ensure the network infrastructure design is second to none.

By analysing these variables, Netwireless can ensure the correct amount and type of access points are used.

Employing wireless engineers who fully understand the network design requirements will ensure you have a successful design, and the need for further site surveys after you deploy the WiFi infrastructure is reduced.

As business exponentially utilise cloud-based applications and IoT devices, network engineers and IT specialists need to continue to be prepared and have the right wireless network design to meet the client’s needs.