NETWORK Provisioning

Avoid Default Configurations From The Get Go


Our Network Provisioning Service is a premium offering to ensure enterprise wide configuration enables the ultimate network going forward. We do all the hard work for you. Our services include: 

  • Internet Access Provisioning
    • Multi-client systems
    • WLAN set up
    •  Internet browsing configuration
    •  Email configuration
  • Server Provisioning
    • Prepares server for the network
  • SAN Provisioning
    •  Optimise storage performance
  • Monitoring of user and customer access/network access control
  • Monitoring of network security
  • Source all required equipment


Looking for a more complete service? Couple our Network Provisioning Service with our Managed IT Services and you’ll will receive the equivalent of an in-house IT team for your organisation. Let us take on your IT Operations so you don’t have to!