Wi-Fi Interference

Wi-Fi transmits over airwaves, making it much more susceptible to interference than wired networks. Interference can be caused by many things such as non-wireless devices or even microwave ovens. The reasons for interference are varied. Microwave ovens cause interference as they operate on the same 2.4ghz frequency band as Wi-Fi does, but at an extremely […]

What is WiFi 6?

Faster internet is constantly in demand. Subsequently, WiFi 6 was created to keep up with the world’s ever-expanding request for gaming, video calls, streaming and other connected activities. WiFi 6 is the sixth and next generation of WiFi that is designed to improve speed, reduce congestion in heavy bandwidth usage situations, and increase overall efficiency. […]

AGED CARE: Older Australians Rock Their Wi-Fi

Today’s older generation are more educated, tech savvy, informed and discerning about their care needs which places pressure on governments and Aged Care providers to fulfil these growing demands which will continue to intensify over the coming decade. Internet usage amongst the over 60 population segment is high and they expect to retain this independence […]

Top 3 Considerations When Designing a WiFi Network

To ensure a wireless network design meets users’ needs within your working environment, careful consideration is required. Here are our top 3 pointers for ensuring` success: 1. Define Density Use and Location Establish the number of people to be serviced wirelessly and where they will be located. The number of people requiring the service is […]