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Trevor Pangbourne

Managing Director / Technical Consultant

I began my career as a radio technician at Victoria Communications. With a passion for all things technical, it wasn’t long before I moved into the role of Service Manager. The real step change came after 9 years at Dematic and meeting Mark McCarter. We spoke extensively about starting our own IT Consultancy and in 2008 NetWireless was born. Today, we are fortunate to have the freedom to explore and create better solutions for our customers. Since Mark's retirement in 2020, NetWireless has continued to grow and we now offer additional security services. I am always open to chat to our clients and potential clients about how we can meet their needs. I am also extremely proud of our team of engineers and our achievements.

On a personal note, I’m a true blue member of the Carlton Football Club featuring in their long term member profiles.

Simon Hayward

National Sales Manager

I have spent the last 20 years providing clients with cost effective technical solutions and I still get a buzz from working with technical teams to improve their offering at the lowest total cost of ownership. Growing from the ground up, I originated as a Technical Engineer and eventually lead my own IT Consultancy for 7 years before joining NetWireless earlier this year (2018). Uniting with such a formidable force in the industry is certainly unlocking limitless potential, providing the most innovative, strategic solutions. I feel very proud of the NetWireless’ offering, having the ability to not only consult and provide added value, we also have the ability to deliver. It is a real pleasure to be working with the best in the business.

Nicky Monk

Senior Mobility Engineer

I officially joined NetWireless not long after my year 10 work experience. I’ve always had a passion for IT and the advancement in technology. I was thrilled when Mark and Trevor offered me a full time opportunity and since then my career has gone from strength to strength. I thoroughly enjoy travelling around Australia, visiting clients and completing Wi-Fi site surveys to build the best design for our customers. My home life is important to me, I love spending time with my two younger brothers and my dog, Curry. Recently, one of my brothers completed their year 10 work experience at NetWireless, it felt great to share my workplace and show him the great advantages of Wi-Fi technology.

Other than technology, I have a love for bright colours, so much so I recently painted my house bright blue and purchased a bright yellow car.

Neon Islam

Senior Network Engineer

I have a strong background in technology having studied a degree in Computer Science and acquired industry certifications accredited by Aruba Networks and Cisco. My 10-year experience in networking is proving to be invaluable particularly with troubleshooting and implementing solutions that meet the needs of our customers. As mobile becomes more prominent within industry verticals people are choosing wireless as their first preference and I am pleased to be a part of NetWireless’ forward thinking team of IT professionals.

Outside of work, I like to take the opportunity to wind down and enjoy time with my family.

Bryce Gorian

Mobility Engineer / Solutions Architect

A typical working day for me involves engaging with our customers to deliver high-level technical solutions. NetWireless are vendor independent which means I formulate solutions across a wide range of wireless products including Aruba, Cisco, Ekahau, Ruckas and Cambium. I thoroughly enjoy visiting client sites to audit and improve client networks and configurations.

I am very passionate about technology, it’s a game changer regardless of your socio-economic status. I have volunteered in Africa, namely Tanzania and Kenya but also in Europe (Romania) and closer to home in Vietnam working with schools to set up their wireless infrastructure which enables people from lower socio-economic demographics to gain the same technological advantages as Australian children.

Christine Cook

Office Manager

My role within the team involves a number of varied admin, co-ordination, financial and customer service tasks. I very much enjoy my role and being part of a great team within a relaxed and enjoyable working environment.

Outside of work, I love personal development and providing life coaching support. I also have a son, Max who keeps me busy.