WAREHOUSE AND DISTRIBUTION IT Solutions Wired and Wireless

Wi-Fi for Warehousing and Distribution


We love nothing more than working with smart warehouses and logistic operations. Renowned for understanding the complexities of how radio frequency platforms, IoT and wireless networks perform in harsher warehouse environments, NetWireless thrives on working with networks which cannot afford any down time! 

Smart distribution and logistics warehouses can be one of the more challenging Wi-Fi environments with temperature extremes (freezer environments), vehicle mounted devices, products that absorb ( such as liquids and large paper reels), and those that reflect (metal sheets, metal in walls) wireless signals, coupled with the need to withstand peaks and troughs with supply and demand fluctuations. 

NetWireless are a leading network performance and security specialist who also partners with leading vendors of rugged handheld devices and vehicle-mounted mobile computers to provide an end-to-end service that not only supports wireless installation but also the repair of wireless access points (+ controllers) and rugged mobile computers.

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