Sports & Recreation Wired and Wireless Solutions
Optimum Wireless and Wired Solutions for the Sports & Recreation Industry.

Sports & Recreation Wired and Wireless Solutions

Are you looking to take your sports stadium or recreational facility to the next level?

Globally sports stadiums, music arenas and recreational facilities are moving towards Interactive experiences for their attendees. Interactive venues see higher attendance rates coupled with increased positive customer feedback. A top priority for an immersive interactive experience is fast, reliable wireless.

NetWireless has a dedicated team of specialised Sports and Recreational Network Consultants who work with you to create the ultimate experiences for your venue.

A NetWireless Network Audit or Wireless Site Survey is the first step to being able to offer:

  • Faster in seat Wi-Fi.
  • Digital ‘check in’.
  • Digital maps directing fans to their seats, the nearest toilets, bars and/or restaurants.
  • Easy access to the venue app offering venue information, order food and beverages that can be delivered to the customers location, Instant HD replays, dynamic pricing on upgraded seats, opportunity to track players/performers health stats, offer opportunities to interact with coaches, players, performers and more.
  • Easy crowd control – Track and analyse crowd behaviour and movement and send push notifications to direct people away from areas of congestion/notify security teams.
  • Share social media posts direct to large plasma screens around the venue.
  • Record activities live in 360 to create virtual 3D Holographs that can be recreated at other stadiums across the globe.
  • Venue only promotions and advertising targeted to attendees such as Ladies merchandise to females only.
  • Mobile POS sales.
  • Secure networks to protect against a cyberattack.

NetWireless has extensive experience working with both large and small sporting and recreational facilities. Contact Us today to find out how we can help you.

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