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Wired and Wireless Solutions for the Education sector

Research Institute & Education (K-12) Wired and Wireless Solutions

Are you looking to provide a first-class educational facility?

Education is changing, traditional methods are evolving and will continue to increase technology usage over the next decade as educational facilities from primary schools through to universities, aim to offer enhanced educational opportunities that accommodate individual learning styles.

NetWireless has a dedicated team of specialised Education Network Consultants who work with you to enable the ultimate learning experiences for your students.

A NetWireless Network Audit or Wireless Site Survey is the first step to being able to:

  • Empower students with knowledge (with a fast-reliable internet connection) to encourage independent learning.
  • Assure online testing such as ‘Naplan online’ to ensure every student is tested simultaneously without disruption or lagging.
  • Successfully deploy adaptive learning software individualised for each student (Adopt AI).
  • Map large campuses and direct students to classes/lectures.
  • Using a school app to share news and events, interact with teachers, submit work, forums, registers, track sickness, teacher’s portal for ongoing discussions, gain access to teacher/lecture authorised content such as slideshows and task sheets, and homework tasks.
  • Seamless administration and secure networks to improve efficiency and protect against a cyber attack.

NetWireless has extensive experience working with both large and small educational facilities. Contact Us today to find out how we can help you.

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