Hospitality and Tourism Wired and Wireless Solutions
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Hospitality and Tourism Wired and Wireless Solutions

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One of the largest complaints in the hospitality industry is poor Wi-Fi!

With the Australian Data Breach Act 2018 and GDPR now in place, hospitality enterprises have a duty of care to secure their wireless network from hackers. If not secured correctly, hospitality enterprises could be responsible for customers details being exposed to cyber criminals.

Further to this, the Hospitality industry sets to benefit by transforming the customer experience through the deployment of optimally secured WI-FI. It has been proven that improved experiences results in greater loyalty and increased revenue.

With Secure Wi-Fi Hotels can…

  •    – Enable staff to securely access reservation information from anywhere.
  •    – Enable mobile check-in, concierge, maintenance, room service, mobile transactions.
  •    – Guests can enjoy Wi-Fi from the convenience of their rooms, streaming high quality online entertainment.

With Secure Wi-Fi Cafes can…

  •    – Ensure orders are immediately communicated wirelessly to the kitchen, so meals and drinks arrive quicker.
  • Payment can be achieved in a single transaction directly from the table.

Transform your customer experience and create a unique point of difference with a customised Wi-Fi.

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