AGED CARE Wired and Wireless Solutions

Optimum Wireless and Wired Solutions for the Aged Care Industry.


NetWireless understands that delivering a first class personalised resident service is paramount for aged care providers. 

IT Network Infrastructure optimally installed not only meets industry requirements but also enhances client and staff satisfaction, ultimately improving patient centred outcomes.

NetWireless has a dedicated team of specialised Aged Care Network Consultants who work with you to improve care and reduce associated costs to providers.

A NetWireless Network Audit or Wireless Site Survey is the first step to building solid ICT foundations that will:

  • Allow secure access to resident records, anytime, anywhere.
  • Real time information shared from hospitals, physiotherapists, podiatrists direct to authorised carers or record management systems.
  • Manage medicine supply and disposal to improve continuity of care.
  • Link ‘Nurse on Call’ with wireless pendants or bracelet for improved safety.
  • Apply a unified approach to monitoring lighting, fire alarms, lift access, water, nurse on call. With one centralised system, safety can be improved. For example: If a shower has been running in a resident’s room for more than a specified amount of time, a carer can be notified.
  • Remotely activate wireless devices such as TV’s, washing machines, kettles, fridges to save time and ensure a flow of services.
  • Easily adopt new innovations such as under floor sensors, medical devices for urinary incontinence and cobots (care robots).
  • Reduce isolation and increase independence through the use of the internet: Clients can easily access banking, connect with family, play online games and video conferencing with other care facilities.
  • Secure networks to protect against a cyberattack.

NetWireless has extensive experience working with both large and small Aged Care facilities. 

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