Wi-Fi Interference

Wi-Fi Interference

Wi-Fi transmits over airwaves, making it much more susceptible to interference than wired networks. Interference can be caused by many things such as non-wireless devices or even microwave ovens. The reasons for interference are varied. Microwave ovens cause interference as they operate on the same 2.4ghz frequency band as Wi-Fi does, but at an extremely high level of power. An old microwave oven with damaged seals can leak signals causing interference. Further, some light systems that use Wi-Fi for control of the lights often interfere. Interference is more predominant on the 2.4Ghz band, which is why we recommend customers to use the 5Ghz band as much as they can. The multiple possibilities of Wi-Fi interference mean it is often difficult to identify and fix the interference, and the symptoms of interference can be mistaken for other problems.

Determining Interference 

The most efficient and effective way to determine Wi-Fi interference is by performing a site survey. A site survey will measure how much electromagnetic or radio frequency interference is present and important metrics like traffic, signal strength and noise on a network. NetWireless has successfully been performing wireless site surveys for over 13 years and can identify troublesome areas like potential signal dead zones and network interference, and can help you to determine where the APs need to be located.

Eliminating Interference 

If a wireless network has not been designed and configured properly, the AP signals may be interfering or overlapping with each other. Many people mistake interference for poor Wi-Fi coverage and blindly install more access points, exasperating the issue. Conducting a Network Audit can assess the design of the network, consider the physical locations of hardware and review device configuration to ensure optimal settings. NetWireless network engineers have high level expertise, drilling down into the data to eliminate poor performance. We will provide you with a comprehensive report, prioritising actions for improved network performance, although it is very difficult to eliminate interference entirely. 


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