How Aruba ClearPass can protect your network

How Aruba ClearPass can protect your network

What is Aruba ClearPass 

Our interconnected world has resulted in many devices being connected to a network at any given time. The growing Internet of Things (IoT) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trends are making it increasingly harder for IT departments to manage access to their networks. This raises concerns on how networks can remain secure. 

Aruba ClearPass is a policy management platform that many businesses are implementing to securely onboard new devices, grant varying access levels, and keep their networks secure, using a three step plan; identify, enforce and protect. This ClearPass plan allows businesses to grant full or limited access to devices based on users’ roles, device type, and cyber posture. 


ClearPass promotes continuous visibility by identifying how many devices are connected to your network, how they are being used, where they are connected from, and which devices are being used, including which devices are connecting and disconnecting. ClearPass also makes it easy to identify device-specific information, including type and model name, VLAN, IP address, MAC address, NIC vendor and OS and version number. 


ClearPass allows you to easily enforce policies during the onboarding of new devices without any involvement from your IT department, previously, this would be an extensive and challenging process. ClearPass’ built-in certificate authority lets you support devices quickly without any additional IT resources. After devices are granted access, ClearPass uses active and passive profiling methods to monitor your network and keep it safe. 


ClearPass offers a variety of third-party integrations to empower you to implement dynamic policy controls and threat remediation. This gives users real-time insight into activity occurring on your network, allowing you to identify and address any potential threats. 


Our ClearPass expertise is second to none.NetWireless are certified Aruba Consultants and our highly skilled network engineers are at the ready to ensure your network is safe and performing optimally.