What is WiFi 6?

What is WiFi 6?

Faster internet is constantly in demand. Subsequently, WiFi 6 was created to keep up with the world’s ever-expanding request for gaming, video calls, streaming and other connected activities. WiFi 6 is the sixth and next generation of WiFi that is designed to improve speed, reduce congestion in heavy bandwidth usage situations, and increase overall efficiency. Its improvements will not only aid existing applications with improved experiences and performances, but also drive new innovations.

Key characteristics of WiFi 6 include:

Faster speeds

Faster WiFi allows for faster download speeds and better uploading due to the increased bandwidth afforded by WiFi 6. It is a substantial upgrade over previous generations, improving from WiFi 5’s offering of a maximum 3.5 Gbps to a colossal 9.6 Gbps. This translates to a more consistent and dependable connection that can deliver speeds up to four times faster than its antecedent. An important part is the set up of Wifi 6 access points and where they are positioned.

Supportive for more devices

WiFi 6’s performance in a crowded network, where there are lots of connections competing for bandwidth, is the upgrade’s most significant and attractive feature. WiFi 6 has the capacity to maintain top speeds while connected to multiple devices at the same time, and the scope to efficiently distribute information to and from these devices. 

The new technologies that allow these improvements include the OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) and OBSS (Overlapping Basic Service Sets). These implements allow the router to subdivide individual channels and send out messages to multiple devices simultaneously, rather than sequentially, and allow for better coordination when the devices communicate back.  

Battery life

WiFi 6 has a new feature called Target Wake Time (TWT). TWT lets devices and routers schedule communications, allowing them to stay off until the appointed time. This is in contrast to previous WiFi generations that required devices and routers to keep their antennae on to wait for signals, forcing them to waste energy while not actively needed.


WiFi devices will require WPA3 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 3). This is the most secure and current wireless encryption standard that makes it harder for outsiders to intercept and crack communications on the network. WPA3 is currently available on some devices at previous WiFi generations, however, it is a standard in WiFi 6, ensuring more consistent security. 

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