Why conducting a wireless site survey is a must for your business

Why conducting a wireless site survey is a must for your business

Wireless Site surveys are essential for planning and designing a seamless wireless network. A well-designed and well-executed site survey will provide the sort of WiFi coverage that people expect and need to work efficiently. A survey will ensure the strength of the signal footprint, allowing even coverage throughout the building. A survey identifies troublesome areas like potential signal dead zones and network interference. 

WiFi signal strength and speed can depend on several factors such as client density, network interference or physical obstructions. During the survey, a NetWireless engineer will use a specially designed software from Ekahau to measure your WLAN’s metrics and performance throughout the premises. A site survey will measure how much electromagnetic or radio frequency interference is present and important metrics like traffic, signal strength and noise on a network. 

WLAN access points can be placed potentially anywhere. A wireless site survey helps you to determine where the APs need to be located to avoid overlap or interference. There are two different types of site surveys NetWireless can perform.

Predictive Site Survey

A predictive site survey uses floor plans and advanced software to model your environment and create a recommended access point model. This model will be used to create a WiFi heat map. The heatmap will feature recommended equipment placement and a visual representation of how the wireless signal will propagate within your environment. There are many different types of WiFi heatmaps and visualisations. Two commonly used are a signal strength map, which displays the signal levels of the selected set of AP’s in dBm, and a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), which shows the ratio of the signal strength relative to the noise in the environment. Noise can occur from microwaves, bluetooth enabled devices, cordless telephone and various other common objects. 

This site survey will outline what is required to deploy a high performing WLAN system and help estimate the number of AP’s required. 

NetWireless uses floor plans and factors in building materials, square footage, number of end-users and other variables to provide a reliable predictive wireless plan for your site or facility.  

Wireless Site Survey

An example of a WiFi heatmap

Wireless On-Site Survey

Similarly to a predictive site survey, an on-site survey establishes what’s required to deploy wireless coverage at a given location. A NetWireless specialised network engineer can combine the predictive site survey with an on-location analysis to provide an even more accurate representation of the wireless signal propagation in the space. This analysis can detect things like network congestion or interference (noise), and pinpoint their exact location, which will be factored into the end wireless design. Staircases, lifts, cabinets, floors and ceiling heights all impact wireless coverage. 

An On-Site Survey gives you the most comprehensive validation of your WiFi network coverage and performance. 

NetWireless is able to perform site surveys before the deployment of a brand new network or to an existing network before making changes or upgrades. 

About NetWireless

NetWireless has successfully been performing wireless site surveys for over 13 years and has experience in the deployment of wireless networks in aged-care facilities, manufacturing warehouses, hospitals, schools, shopping centres and other public venues. Speak to our network consultants today (CALL 1300 324 844) to ensure your network infrastructure needs are met.