How robots are transforming aged care in Australia

How robots are transforming aged care in Australia

Technology is revolutionising and improving the provision of care offered at age care facilities across Australia. IT Network Infrastructure optimally installed not only see providers reap the benefits of significant cost and time savings, but also enhances client and staff satisfaction, ultimately improving patient-centred outcomes.


As a result of an increasing life expectancy, the percentage of the Australian population aged over 85 is expected to double by 2066. There is growing concern that this increased longevity will put pressure on our already overworked health care sector. It is predicted that the aged care workforce would need to increase between two and three times before 2050 to provide appropriate care to aging Australians.

Even today, as Australia provides institutional long-term care for almost 20% of the population aged over 80, the aged care industry is struggling to adequately staff facilities. Robots are increasingly becoming a feature of the future for our health care industries and promise to help improve services and the quality of life for those in aged care.

NetWireless has been helping bridge the widening gap between the number of older Australians in need of care and the number of professionals available to care for them.

With the support of NetWireless, RoboCarts are being trialled and implemented in aged care facilities across Australia. These autonomous robots work to move materials, waste and clinical supplies, deliver meals, medication and laundry and give staff more time to focus on direct patient care.  

RoboCarts can carry up to 130kg and have been designed to help, alleviate and displace some of the demanding tasks aged care professionals face. Staff request RoboCarts to transport items using a Wi-Fi tablet mounted at a sending station and all vehicles can drive independently.

Netwireless works with our clients to ensure the risk of a network failure is reduced, and the productivity of RoboCarts is optimised. We complete a once-off predictive or onsite wireless site survey using the latest survey, diagnostic and analytics equipment. The information derived is extremely valuable in identifying the best location for wireless access points, identifying rogue networks and ensuring traffic flow is optimum.


As technology evolves rapidly, it is important that we direct these advances to amplify human connection. This past year has highlighted the need for connectivity in aged care facilities. Residents have relied on digital solutions to curb loneliness, celebrate milestones and communicate with loved ones.

Aged Care residents are becoming more digitally astute, which will continue to intensify over the coming decade. Government and Aged Care providers need to respond to these growing demands by providing fast and reliable Wi-Fi in age care.

For many residents, technology allows for music therapy, access to religious ceremonies, entertainment in their home language, or the ability to hear a familiar voice, all through a secure and stable Wi-Fi connection.

The availability of a strong Wi-Fi connection is a top priority for prospective residents and their families when considering care options, as resident loneliness is a key concern for family members when placing their loved ones in care.

Access to the internet gives residents autonomy, connectivity and significantly reduces feelings of isolation.

NetWireless has a dedicated team of specialised Aged Care Network Consultants who work with you to improve care and reduce associated costs to providers.


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