NetWireless Continues to Partner with Managed Service Providers Like You

Supporting Managed Service Providers

NetWireless Continues to Partner with Managed Service Providers Like You

As Network experts, NetWireless supports IT Managed Service Providers to meet the needs of their clients. We have highly qualified and experienced Aruba, Cisco and Ekahau engineers which means we can perform above and beyond the normal expectations of network support. If there is something you are struggling with, we are confident our team can help.

We have a trusted partner program, thereby “your clients are yours” and we can even work under the proviso of your company branding. Stealthy, we kick networking goals by ensuring high performing secure networks and for a lot less than you imagine!

How Service Providers work with us?

Currently, we are proud to be supporting over 100 leading Managed Service Provider’s all across Australia and New Zealand. Each service provider chooses how they work with us.

 Our Popular Options:

  • Purchase 24/7 block hour support through our NetWirelessCARE program. We simply guide your network engineers as they troubleshoot your client’s networks. It’s all most like real time training!

  • We complete a once off predictive or onsite wireless site survey using the latest survey, diagnostic and analytics equipment from Ekahau.  The information derived is extremely valuable in identifying the best location for wireless access points, identifying rogue networks and ensuring traffic flow is optimum.

  • Obtain an independent network audit. We can assess your client’s network implementation, security and performance. By producing a report for both you and your client, we help you make informed decisions about how to improve their network, and the client knows you are holding yourself to account which means they don’t have to. It’s an absolute win, win.

  • We can help you design a new installation; We have the deep technical knowledge required to ensure a successful wireless or new equipment installation.

  • We can procure equipment on your behalf. Let us use our distributor relationships to benefit your business. Due to the volume of work we complete, we have very good relationships which ultimately means if you buy equipment through us, you can access valuable equipment bundles. In fact, if you require Aruba equipment, you can simply purchase straight from our website and we deliver straight to your door. Alternatively, check out our Wireless Networking as a Service.

Do you want something not mentioned here? Reach out to the team as there is more we can do. We are here to support Managed Service Providers like yourself succeed at providing your clients with improved network performance and security.

About NetWireless

NetWireless is a multi-disciplinary IT Network and management consultancy specialising in network design, deployment, security and managed services. Speak to our technical consultants today (CALL 1300 324 844) to ensure your infrastructure meets your needs. Working across Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Broom, Darwin, Hobart) and New Zealand (Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, Queenstown).