Is 4m2 Spacing Between Employees Really Possible?

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Is 4m2 Spacing Between Employees Really Possible?

The simple answer is yes, 4m2 spacing is possible but how to maintain over time is the challenge.

If you are currently grappling with re-organising your workplace to meet COVIDsafe requirements. Scratching your head, thinking about how to enforce 4m2 distancing whilst returning to a productive workplace.

Our live online demonstration is for you!

Join us, as we talk about the most perplexing challenges facing organisations. We will be showcasing some of the cost-effective contact tracing and secure WFH solutions offered by Aruba Networks.

This is more than a technology demonstration; We want to help you meet some specific aspects of the COVIDsafe plan such as:

  • Ensuring that all staff that can work from home, do work from home. (Securely)
  • Ensuring no more than one worker is per four square meters in an enclosed workspace.
  • Having a process to record the attendance of workers, customers, clients, visitors, inspectors, and delivery drivers.
  • Be able to quickly identify close contacts and notify workers and site visitors (including close contacts) of any outbreak.
  • Identify high touch areas / high foot traffic areas required to be disinfected twice daily.

Do you risk the inevitable delays that could result from relying on the government tracing application or would you prefer to be in charge of your organisations contact tracing and network security?

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