SDWAN is Preferred for the At Home Workforce

SDWAN for Remote Workforce

SDWAN is Preferred for the At Home Workforce

With more employees, working more hours at home than ever before, organisations are being forced to rapidly evolve to prevent strain on their network(s), and to reduce the cyber threat. Previously considered too costly, now for most organisations, SDWAN is the preferred solution over VPN connections, for users requiring access to large, sensitive or critical files from home.

Software Defined Wide Area Networks managed in a centralised cloud environment offer organisations the ability to improve security, performance and reliability for their remote workforce by:

  • Automatically routing traffic intelligently to prioritise business critical applications.
  • Directing traffic to the cloud rather than routing through the data centre to improve productivity.
  • Remotely enforce security policy for firewalls, DPI, Web filtering, IDS and IPS for remote workers.
  • Remotely add pop up sites over vast geographical areas with ease.
  • Allows for 2 connections to be combined for greater performance and business continuity.

Extend Enterprise SDWAN Connectivity to the Home; The Aruba Solution

Aruba AP303H/503H + RAP-Mode / SDN-WAN Enabled Device

  • The two uplinks can be either dual wired OR wired + wireless 4G/LTE.
  • There is an ability to utilise your dedicated corporate infrastructure such as your DNS services.
  • High-capacity wireless access points and wired connections support both work and home devices.
  • Both Aruba RAP-Mode / SDN-WAN enabled devices offer encrypted-VPN (IPSec Tunnel) for all enterprise traffic, whether information runs through a datacentre, cloud service (Azure/AWS) or directly to the office.

+ Aruba ClearPass

  • ClearPass, Access, Authentication and Accounting (AAA) services guarantees no unauthorised devices from home will join the secure enterprise network.
  • Traffic segmentation allows home network devices to be connected securely (E.g. Smart TV Netflix/Prime, Kids tablets & laptop for remote learning and/or the home/office printer) without interfering with the enterprise network.
  • A central dashboard visualises access and authorisation control issues, automatically flagging issues and quarantining devices if the behaviour is unexpected.

+ Aruba Central

  • Aruba Central for all RAPs / SDN devices allows for zero touch deployment of devices easily.
  • Provides a simple plug and play solution for employees at the home.
  • Automatically monitors the uplink performance and apps/client performance to highlight any issues before they arise.

NetWireless can remotely establish SDWAN for enterprises with remote workers. A pain free process aimed at enabling an IT department to meet strict performance and security policies.

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