Contact Tracing: Aruba Goes The Extra Mile To Support Organisations

Contact Tracing Application

Contact Tracing: Aruba Goes The Extra Mile To Support Organisations

Are you working towards safely re-populating your workplace, enforcing social distancing and crowd control strategies? As time passes, one thing is becoming clearer, even with a vaccine, we are going to be living with COVID-19 ongoing.

Preparing to manage inevitable consequences requires organisations to smartly adjust their processes to reassure employees and visitors that they are safe. In the unfortunate event that one of your employee contracts COVID-19, it will be a requirement to identify all individuals whom may have come into contact with the infected person to prevent further spread and long organisational shutdowns.

Wi-Fi Contact Tracing

Aruba Networks have provided a solution by leveraging data already available in current Aruba infrastructure. A timely update to Aruba Airwave is enabling organisations the ability to contact trace employees now, via automated capturing of WAP session times. This is providing location accuracy down to ~10m with information reported and displayed in the Aruba Central dashboard.

Wi-Fi Contact Tracing in Aruba Central
Wi-Fi Contract Tracing in Aruba Central Dashboard

Meridian and BLE Contact Tracing

Further to this, the Aruba Location platform, Meridian, is available with AI analytics for superior track and trace. An accurate location tracing method, Aruba Meridian uses BLE tags that can easily be detected by Aruba 300 or 500 series Access Points. In the cloud, Meridian not only calculates the tag location down to ~2m accuracy, it can also establish dwell time of the individual, identifying how long each person was subjected to an infected contact and subsequent suspected transmissions as a result of the initial contact. Data is streamed and visualised on a dashboard for ease of use.

Contact and Location Tracing with Meridian and BLE
Aruba Meridian and BLE Location Data

What are the benefits?

  • Quickly identify those whom have come into contract with an infected person and notify them as soon as possible.
  • Crowd Management: Disperse populated areas quickly by advising employees/visitors to move to less populated areas.
  • Identify high traffic areas which may require more regular disinfecting.
  • Identify when social distance requirements are not being met and deploy a method to remind employees or visitors of the required distance. (This can be achieved via a push notification to mobile devices in the designated area).
  • Meet OHS requirements and adjust easily as these vary.
  • Beyond health, contract tracing provides business with actionable insights to help make better business decisions.
  • Push notifications to customers based on their location can also be achieved, for example, useful in sales.

If you do not already have the infrastructure in place suitable for contact tracing, NetWireless can work with you to understand the required accuracy and operational aspects to ensure the ideal solution is deployed for your organisation.

If you do have Aruba Infrastructure but are having trouble accessing this feature or require an upgrade to your Airwave or Central. Reach out to our team today

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