Unify and Automate the Edge with Aruba Edge Services Platform (ESP)


Unify and Automate the Edge with Aruba Edge Services Platform (ESP)

Excitingly, Aruba have announced its latest innovation, which is set to transform, automate and unify the edge.  

Welcome to the pack ‘Aruba Edge Services Platform’ or ‘ESP’ for ease.

It is the first platform of its kind, with powerful AI driven senses to continuously fix and optimise network problems before they impact users. Built upon native cloud principals, AI and ML intelligently apply insights to optimise network performance and security on your behalf.

The goal is to unify the ability to take the edge in its aggregate parts and connect directly to the cloud with the same orchestration, control and management plane on both the wired and wireless networks.” Keerti Melkote, Aruba President and Founder (Digital ATM 2020)

Success at the Edge is with ESP

Embedded into ESP is AIOPs (Artificial Intelligent Operations), Net Insight, Aruba Central and ClearPass, collectively harnessing the power of data in a highly automated manor to:


ESP Connects people, technology and huge amounts of data in highly distributed edge environments with a unified infrastructure and a centralised management control dashboard.  This saves significant time with zero touch deployment of devices, improves the user experience, has a single dashboard for multi branch environments.


ESP’s Unified Threat Management is embedded with ClearPass device insight to protect the network with Zero Trust Security, SD WAN gateway protection, and automated dynamic segmentation across the entire network. Continuous assessment of end devices ensures they are not posing a threat to each other or the network. If a device deviates from the expected behaviour, it automatically quarantines the device and sends an alert to the network administrator. 

Analyse and Act

AIOPS uses telemetry data analytics coupled with machine learning to determine network performance, providing instant recommendations for poor network performance and identifies issues before they even exist. Uniquely, it has the ability to learn from similar networks in the cloud, providing network solutions specifically tailored to your network, shortening your resolution time by 90%. AIOP’s detects the root cause of the problem, dynamically creates baselines, and subsequently identifyies the remedy.

And Yes!! – It’s Affordable!

Aruba have designed ESP in a way to be financially flexible with three purchase options available:

  • Cloud SAAS
  • On prem SAAS
  • Managed Services

ESP is the natural step for organisations to manage their network connectivity, security and performance of both wired and wireless environments in one easy to use unified native cloud platform. it improves the customer experience, saves significant administration time and performs operations faster and more conveniently than ever before.

If you would like to hear more about automating your solution, contact our Sales Manager, Simon Hayward today.

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