Move to A Wireless Network to Effectively Enable 1.5m Social Distancing

Wireless in the office

Move to A Wireless Network to Effectively Enable 1.5m Social Distancing

With fixed lines often in close proximity to each other, organisations may find their wireless networks are suddenly in high demand.

Whilst employees grapple with maintaining effective 1.5m social distancing, it is the IT department’s job to ensure the wireless network performance and security is up to the task.

As a starting point, we recommend completing the following steps:

Define Density Use and Location

Firstly, it is vitally important to establish the number of devices to be serviced wirelessly and where they will be located. An increase in the number of device connections is one of the primary reasons older infrastructure will have reached oversubscription. Bear in mind, many people have many devices, one employee could potentially have up to three or more devices capable of connecting to a single wireless access point. It is worth noting that although a mobile device may not require access to the network, they can interfere by continually probing the closest access point for association.

Identify your Data Demand

Understanding traffic flow on your network is essential to keeping up with demand. Are your users going to be consuming bandwidth hungry video content or lower bandwidth applications? Do you have peak periods of certain data types? Anticipating your usage patterns enables you to predict the likelihood of bottlenecks and connectivity issues.

Ensure a Solid Network Backbone for a Wireless Network

Be sure the infrastructure within your organisation is capable of supporting the wireless environment. We recommend at minimum:

  • Ensure your switches supports PoE (power over Ethernet) on every port.
  • Newer 802.11ax access points can deliver more than 2GB per second speed, therefore consider switches that cater for over 2Gbps ports or alternatively, run 2 data cables between the switch and the access point to take advantage of the access points full speed capabilities. In this case, the switch needs to be capable of Link Aggregation (LAG).
  • Switches must be capable of supporting VLAN’s for security reasons.
  • Data cabinets/closets should be located within 90 metres of every access point.

Conduct a Wireless Site Survey

If your organisation is finding poor or slow wireless connectivity, NetWireless can perform a Wireless Site Survey using state of the art Ekahau surveying equipment, to ensure seamless high-performance wireless connectivity is available for all employees.

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