Deploy NBN with SD-WAN for a Superior Network

NBN SDWAN Connectivity

Deploy NBN with SD-WAN for a Superior Network

NetWireless are now proudly partnering with TPG, to deploy NBN.

A one-stop-shop for all network connectivity needs.

Combining NBN connectivity with a SD-WAN rollout, not only provides greater visibility and control over network traffic and flow, but also ensures the fast speed broadband provided by an NBN connection will be felt throughout the organisation.

NetWireless NBN SD-WAN Package

Our NBN SD_WAN Package includes your:

  • NBN deployment,
  • A project manager to oversee your end-to-end deployment, ensuring operations are within time and budget,
  • If required, we can deploy additional Wireless Access Points across your organisation without disrupting business continuity,
  • We can offer a Wi-Fi 6 optional upgrade,
  • Our complete NBN post deployment assessment includes:
    • Identifying your maximum line speed
    • Network configuration to simplify routing and optimise traffic flow across the organisation
    • Load testing your network; Test up and download connectivity speeds
    • Identify and troubleshoot any latency issues, packet losses and/ or bottle necks in your network to reduce network congestion and provide optimal performance,
    • Identify any poor Wi-Fi signal / interference and eliminate,
    • Identify legacy network equipment or infrastructure which may impede your broadband speeds and suggest alternative replacements.

Additionally, we can improve your network security with network access control and enforcement solutions which include real-time alerts and policy management.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a higher performing network across their entire organisation.

Request a quote before 31st July 2020 for an additional 5% discount.

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