Ensure Remote Workers Access Corporate Networks Securely

Secure Remote Workers

Ensure Remote Workers Access Corporate Networks Securely

As many organisations rapidly move to remote ‘at home’ working, they can break their own security compliance in preference of business continuity. Ultimately, this is risky business.

Good news! We have a solution.

Our rapid deployment package available to new and existing clients works to alleviate the burden on IT Departments during this challenging time by ensuring secure access to corporate networks are maintained, even for at home workers.

Activated within 2 weeks: It includes:

  • Plug and play Remote Access Points (RAPs), configured and sent to employees,
  • Management of your distributed environments, irrelevant of size through an access management and policy enforcement cloud service (Aruba Central),
  • Easy up or down scaling of VPN services to flow with the requirements of the organisation,
  • Provide remote workers a military grade secure connection back to the corporate network.

Using an organisations wireless Aruba Controller, NetWireless can provision, authenticate and configure remote access points for your entire remote workforce. This means you can comply with your own security policies whilst enabling employees to access corporate networks securely.

Employees simply plug in the device at home with NetWireless engineers working remotely to ensure security policy is adhered to. This is an extremely cost-effective way to quickly upscale your remote workforce with secure access to the corporate network.

Why NetWireless’ Secure Remote Access Package?

NetWireless are trusted to work with many organisations across Australia and New Zealand. We employee the highest calibre Network and Mobility Engineers who specialise in network coverage and security. We are able to deploy a rapid response to organisations requiring assistance during the COVID-19 shut down. 

  • Deployment can be achieved quickly, with a current estimated turn around to be activated within 14 days.
  • Easily scalable, meeting the ebb and flow of this situation.
  • Cost effective way of complying with security protocols whilst your workforce is accessing corporate assets at home
  • Lower the risk of a breach and subsequent associated fines

About NetWireless

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