Amidst COVID 19: How to Protect your Network?

COVID19 Remote Workforce Network Security

Amidst COVID 19: How to Protect your Network?

It is a testament to the ‘anywhere, anytime’ working philosophy that will enable organisations to continue to function through this rapidly changing public health crisis that is COVID-19.

It is vital that organisations are aware of the higher associated security risks. Organisations need to carefully consider their work from home protocols to continue to protect business assets and personal information.

Do not underestimate cyber criminals, they are ramping up their activities to take advantage of weaker organisational set up.

Top 5 Considerations for Remote Workers

  • Educate staff regarding the risks of increased social engineering, phishing emails, text and voicemail. Include, Drive by Downloads from malicious websites and well-crafted ‘work from home’ scams that may have the look and feel of the company.

  • Is your employees Wi-Fi network secure? Employees can secure their home router by ensuring the router default password has been changed. Ensure WPA2/3 security standards and the highest encryption level available has been applied.

  • Depending on your organisation’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) set up, filter internet traffic for employees working with highly sensitive data, this way you can blacklist websites you do not wish your employees to access even when working from home. VPN’s will encrypt data traffic across the internet ensuring anyone who does intercept it, won’t be able to read it. However, a consideration is a known trade off, VPN’s result in slower internet speeds.

  • Ensure end user devices have an up-to-date firewall and anti-malware software. A two-step defence is preferable to prevent malicious activity reaching data and systems. An organisation may wish to specify the type of software and configurations – even on personal devices.

  • Strong passwords and Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for cloud applications are a must to prevent account hijacking. Passwords should be unique for each cloud application, use the recommended 8 characters with symbols and numbers. Further to this, ensure well established back-up procedures are in place for cloud environments. Do not allow employees to store sensitive information on their own devices. All work can be uploaded to secure drives in the cloud.

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