Our Sales Director is a CFA Volunteer!

CFA Volunteer and It Network Security

Our Sales Director is a CFA Volunteer!

For those of you who don’t know, our Sales Director, Simon Hayward is a volunteer CFA firefighter. Due to the continuing fire situation, Simon has been deployed to Tallangatta this week.  Tallangatta is a small township in north-east Victoria, approximately 38 kilometres south-east of Albury-Wodonga, along the Murray Valley.

Having previously been deployed to NSW, we understand that Simon will not only be on the fire ground directly tackling fires, he will also spend time strengthening containment lines, completing back burns and exercises aimed at protecting assets.

With dozens of fires burning out of control, Simon estimates “it will be autumn before they’re [the fires are] extinguished – their size, complexity and ferocity is incomprehensible.”



Pictured is Capt. Phil Challis, Lt. Simon Hayward and Tom Ritchie from Bullengarook CFA before departing to Tallangatta as part as Strike Team 0215.

The Corryong fire has been burning out of control since the beginning of January with many local residents evacuated by escorted conveys to prevent isolation. Homes in the area have already been lost and we are proud to have Simon heading out, with many other volunteers, to prevent further damage.

We will be thinking of Shelly, Simons wife as she continues to manage their young family in his absence. Having welcomed their second child, Madeline, at the end of last year, these must be worrying times.

To our clients, you are NetWireless’ priority, however in Simon’s absence we may be a little slower quoting that bill of materials or returning some queries. Bear with us. We are a small team and will endeavour to continue on with a business as usual approach.

We thank Simon, the CFA and all the volunteers for protecting these communities.

Now go kick that fire’s ass! …and stay safe!


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