NetWireless Exhibits at the Victorian Health Week! Gain your Free Expo Pass!

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NetWireless Exhibits at the Victorian Health Week! Gain your Free Expo Pass!

We are thrilled to be exhibiting at the Victorian Healthcare week this July!

It is an extremely exciting time for Australian Health providers, with many eHealth advancements igniting and transforming the overall user experience with vastly more efficient processes.

However, health organisations need to be aware they are more exposed to attacks than ever before with reporting in 2018 that Health data is more valuable than financial data! A person’s health imprint obtains high payouts on the dark web as the data can be used to conduct identity fraud and/or in developing more significant attacks against you/your organisation.

NetWireless work with their health clients to ensure networks securely enable:

  • Authorised access to retrieve privilege patient records anytime, anywhere
  • Automated reminders from individual care plans to a health practitioners’ mobile devices
  • Improve medical supply and disposal through automated management systems
  • Medical IoT devices populating records with additional patient data and highlighting the results from subsequent analysis in almost real time
  • Automatically populating record systems
  • Telemedicine to assist rural communities/ patients who have difficulty travelling
  • Asset tracking of medical devices – (never lose the blood pressure monitor again!)
  • Innovative indoor mapping solutions

Following ISO 27001/2 and NESAF, NetWireless delivers secure IT networks that optimally perform and ultimately promote the use of eHealth initiatives. We cannot stress more, the importance for eHealth success, lies in having secure networks. If security isn’t at the forefront of the conversation, it needs to be!

We are thrilled to be supported by our partners Aruba Networks HPE. Aruba are changing the rules of IT networking to create smart digital experiences.

If you would like the opportunity to confidentially speak to us about your organisations network security, Join us and Aruba Networks, at booth 36. We also have a few giveaways too!

Gain your free expo ticket here 

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