Ekahau Connect Partnership with NetWireless provides Ultimate Wireless Networks

Wireless Site Survey by NetWireless

Ekahau Connect Partnership with NetWireless provides Ultimate Wireless Networks

We are extremely excited to announce our Silver Partnership with Ekahau, the global industry leader of wireless measuring and diagnostic tools.

If you are suffering wireless coverage issues, blackspots, weak or poor-quality Wi-Fi signal or slow networks then Ekahau and NetWireless are exactly what you need! Together, we have the tools and the expertise to ensure your wireless network performs optimally.

NetWireless have always applied state-of-the-art Ekahau survey equipment to design, optimise and troubleshoot their clients wireless networks, and from today, we will also be offering training for your network engineers to apply Ekahau in-house.

Best in the business, Ekahau’s highly accurate instruments have afforded our clients with precise analysis necessary to provide the finest networks. The extensive suite of tools offered by Ekahau are known in their entirety as Ekahau Connect which includes:

  •   Ekahau Pro,
  •   Ekahau SideKick,
  •   Ekahau Survey for iPad,
  •   Ekahau Capture,
  •   Ekahau Cloud.

Ekahau Pro is the baseline for designing your superior wireless network and can be bundled with Capture to further enhance the ease of use. Now, even non-Wi-Fi specialists can produce detailed heatmaps and spectrum analysis.

The newest edition to the suite, the Ekahau Sidekick, is a lightweight, easy to use all-in-one kit with astounding survey accuracy, regardless of your industry vertical.

Cloud provides seamless collaboration between sites and offices to ensure the entire team can share and combat Wi-Fi troubleshooting.

DIY Wireless Site Surveying is possible!

It has been proven wireless engineers will save 5-10 hours per week with Ekahau wireless site survey equipment in-house. Rogue access point detection and co-channel interference testing is completed simultaneously to a spectrum analysis and the results are combined in lightning speed to give engineers immediate oversight over the network.


  • Sell Ekahau Connect measurement and diagnostic equipment direct to you
  • Train you to conduct best practise wireless site surveys and use top of the range Ekahau equipment
  • Conduct wireless site surveys with the latest edition Ekahau SideKick, offering the very best opportunity to design the optimal wireless network.
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