#EOFY…. It is time for an Independent IT Network Audit!

#EOFY…. It is time for an Independent IT Network Audit!

With end of financial year fast approaching, it is an ideal time to conduct an IT Network Audit to establish what recommendations / changes you intend to implement in the next financial year. NetWireless will independently audit your network to ascertain the overall health, performance and security of your wired or wireless network.


  •    – Are all your devices configured optimally?
  •    – Do you know who and what is accessing your network 24/7?
  •    – Do you have reported evidence of your current IT posture?
  •    – Can you visualise your network topology?
  •    – Are you using IT assets and resources efficiently?
  •    – Have you evaluated your IT posture for opportunities and innovation?
  •    – Are you able to track all valuable assets?
  •    – Are network packets being lost or tampered with?
  •    – Is your data integrity high?
  •    – Is your BYOD/IoT secure?
  •    – Is your visitor/guest network set up correctly?
  •    – Do you comply with ISO 27001 and NIST frameworks?
  •    – Is your access control method enough?


Using high performance scan and survey equipment, our skilled network specialists will confirm configurations, detect errors or gaps, highlight vulnerabilities and performance issues.


Our audits take security seriously with a focus on ensuring that your network is capable of:


  •    – Preventing malicious users from attacking,
  •    – Protecting against unauthorised devices and applications,
  •    – Protecting information and systems including financials, IP, employee personal data and information trusted to 3rdparties,
  •    – Provide resilience in times of a cyberattack


Having an IT audit will provide assurance, improve IT credibility and reputation, identify best practise and highlight priority or critical improvements.




  1. 1. NetWireless are award winning leaders in network infrastructure deployment, management and security.
  2. 2. We have highly qualified wired and wireless Network Architects and Engineers available across Australia and New Zealand for every industry vertical.
  3. 3. As we are vendor independent, we align with your business objectives, providing the most cost effective (TCO) solutions.
  4. 4. We have a deep understanding of security frameworks.
  5. 5. We provide ongoing support, post audit.
  6. 6. We take pride in always being accountable for our advice and solutions.
  7. 7. You gain a report detailing all of our findings.


NOTE: If you plan to deploy a wireless network, it is best practise to undertake a wireless site survey as part of the audit. This will provide you with a clear BOM for a project.

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