NetWireless launches Secure Wireless Network Managed Contract Services

NetWireless launches Secure Wireless Network Managed Contract Services

NetWireless is thrilled to launch “Wireless Networking as a Service” (WNaaS)


An enterprise grade wireless network, capable of supporting business growth, efficiency and productivity, whilst maintaining secure operations is often out of reach for SME business owners, that is, until now!


NetWireless are offering SME’s the latest enterprise grade wireless network equipment via a flexible contract service subscription. This is an exciting opportunity for small businesses to afford the same technical capabilities as bigger businesses.


What’s included:


The Secure Managed Wi-Fi Contracted Service will bundle the latest hardware (Device as a Service), installation, configuration, security and network managed services into a single affordable subscription. As part of the contract you will receive;


  • 1. Wireless Equipment –all required components for your corporate network –
    Wireless Access Points, Routers and Switches.


  • 2. Wireless Installation – NetWireless will install and deploy the wireless infrastructure to ensure optimal coverage and performance.


  • 3. Network Configuration – All devices will be correctly configured for optimal operations including network traffic flow and to cater for redundancy.


  • 4. Network Security – NetWireless will secure the wireless network with the latest patches, control principals and protocols.


  • 5. Network Managed Services – detailed reports on network performance, insightful analytics and improvement indicators.


What are the benefits?


  • Cost Efficiency

Wireless networks reduce overall costs, subscription-based models even more so. Understand your financial situation clearly and free up capital for revenue initiatives and value proposition.


  • Employee Satisfaction

Tech savvy companies are proven to have higher staff retention through improvements in productivity and efficiency. IT teams can reduce time spent on troubleshooting networks to focus on revenue generating initiatives.


  • Mobility

Employees and guests can roam without losing connection. The wireless network provides safe access on the go, revolutionising the way you can work!


  • CyberSecurity

Improve network security to prevent against cyberattacks. Meet ISO legislation and legal requirements and implement a security fabric that protects your business, employees and customers.


  • Scalability and Flexibility

Does your business fluctuate throughout the year? Or are you growing? Wireless Networks are a more cost-effective solution to network expansion (upsizing or down scaling).


  • Guest Access

Securely enable visitors’ access to the internet without compromising intellectual property or applications. Offer an enhanced experience for visitors with application-based communications.


  • Digital Disruption

Technology innovates, don’t be left behind when it comes to technology.


  • Analytics

Our managed services provide CIO’s/CEO’s contextual insights across applications, users, and devices to improve operations.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?


NetWireless are highly experienced Network Infrastructure specialists capable of deploying, managing and securing wireless infrastructure. With our monthly subscription, you can affordably gain greater functionality, efficiency and innovation. Focus your time and resources on critical business outcomes.


***We are offering our first 10 clients a free 6-month IT Network Audit valued up to $1500***


Speak to us for a non-obligatory discussion and to find out how we can benefit your business.


About NetWireless


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