NetWireless adds cutting edge Aruba Introspect to security portfolio

NetWireless adds cutting edge Aruba Introspect to security portfolio

With more complex and advanced cyberattacks on the increase, securing internal networks is fundamental. Up until recently, this has required complex planning and multiple rule-sets which often span several systems and tools.  However, since HPE Aruba acquired Niara, there is now a solution on the market: Aruba Introspect! Introspect saves time, skill and effort in responding to enterprise wide security threats and is a must have for large enterprises.


What is Introspect?  


Introspect is a User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) system, using big data analytics and forensics on a single unified platform, combined with machine learning technology to provide an unrivalled advanced security threat detection system. Aruba have successfully integrated Introspect into Aruba’s intelligent Edge portfolio; ClearPass and the 360 degree security fabric.


Introspect can detect unknown or zero day threats that would never have previously triggered alerts based on traditional signatures or rules, the kinds that have the potential to penetrate traditional firewalls and remain undetected for weeks or even longer! Analysing threats from compromised hosts and users ensures risky behaviour becomes evident from negligent employees or malicious insiders. For example, Introspect is capable of detecting changes in traffic patterns not matching “typical usage” for an IOT device which are securely connected to the cloud.


Gartner reported: Introspect “…is cool because it unifies what most vendors treat as disparate tools in one place, allowing for better detection and response for security teams. Niara is one of a new breed of security analytics vendors with a product that can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud. It can take existing log, network flow data, full packet capture and threat feeds, and then use analytics to surface threats that have managed to evade other controls, in addition to enabling post-breach detection and forensics use cases. It also has the ability to use east-west traffic as part of the information collection that it supports.”


Introspect is a highly scalable solution built for big data. It can be deployed as an appliance, in an existing Hadoop cluster or as an OS + Hadoop software deployment.


Sound interesting? Speak to one of NetWireless consultants to identify how Introspect can protect and secure internal networks.


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