Network Infrastructure Key to eHealth Success

Network Infrastructure Key to eHealth Success

Health information is the essential underpinning of quality care and is a key driver to improved patient centred outcomes. Making information digitally available, anytime anywhere, is the strategic direction outlined by the Australian government. However, transforming to optimal E-Health, requires all health organisations and facilities, Australia wide, to adopt solid foundations in ICT. High-performance enterprise grade IT Infrastructure, capable of transferring large amounts of health information quickly, simultaneously, and most importantly, securely will be the key to E-Health success.

“There is strong international evidence from nations such as New Zealand, England, Scotland, Denmark and Canada, that significant E-Health progress at a national level only occurs once they have established appropriate E-Health foundations.” National E-Health strategy Summary 2008.


Legislation, GDPR and The Australian Data Breach Act 2018 further highlight an organisations responsibility to protect against a data breach. Amid Increased uptake of My Health, along with healthcare being an at-risk industry, ICT must work towards protecting resources, data, business critical applications, company and personal privacy. Utilising strong passwords and educating employees will be insufficient in protecting against increasingly severe cyberattacks.

Network Access Control, with enhanced policy enforcement, empowers organisations to authorise access, based on known devices and users and as a direct result, an automated rejection of unknown devices can be established. Continuous monitoring of the network highlights any devices, users and/or guest users presenting unusual behaviour, for example increased downloads, and a real time security attack response activates an automatic quarantine of the device before any possible breach. Adaptive responses like the one described, act as an early warning detection system for Chief Security Information Officers, enabling them to quantify and reduce the security risk.

Performance assessments are key to an optimally performing, efficient network. Network Access Control solutions can automatically perform regular health checks on the network to ensure devices are patched and have been updated with the latest anti-malware, anti-virus and firmware, saving ICT significant amounts of time and enabling security updates immediately as they become available.

Acquiring an advanced Network Access Control solution will award health professionals the opportunity to fully benefit from all E-Heath initiatives in a safe secure environment.

NetWireless provides healthcare organisations with an unrivalled end to end network security solution capable of meeting E-Health requirements on a national level.

Do you know what to do in the event of a cyberattack?

Are you protecting your systems?

Do you have back-ups ready and easily accessible?

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