How many devices are on your corporate network?

How many devices are on your network?

How many devices are on your corporate network?

BYOD and IOT exploded into our workplaces, creating new, more efficient ways of conducting business and providing us with a wealth of knowledge. According to ZDNet, 50 billion devices will be active on our corporate networks within the next decade. Business transformation is truly underway, however with advancements, another very real conundrum is being brought to the forefront; Security.


Before you can entirely protect your network, you must have an inventory of every single device utilising your network. Shockingly, we have found that many businesses do not know how many devices are accessing their network, let alone for what and by whom. With the risk of increasingly complex cyberattacks, and the innate vulnerabilities exposed in the IoT and mobile ecosystem, businesses cannot afford to be this careless.


A device unknowingly accessing your network has the potential to be the vector that is used to advance a security breach. Are you aware that many IOT devices stay connected to the internet via your network 24/7? These can be devices such as webcams, printers and faxes and are at risk of DDoS – distributed denial of service attacks. Furthermore, employees who bring their own mobile, iPads and laptops to use in the workplace increase the risk of a network breaches exponentially.


It is paramount to profile each and every device that utilises your network. Minimise and mitigate your security risk by establishing the number of devices on your network and eliminate any rouge devices.


Edge Computing: Preparation is key.


Once an inventory is created for all devices accessing your network you can begin to seek out anomalies and apply policy enforcement.  Each device has an identifiable sequence, known to administrators which can be used to enforce policy control, run tests and simulations and apply network access control. You can begin to limit how much bandwidth an employee is allowed based on their job role or to which resources personal mobiles can access. With increased knowledge, updated security policies and protocols, the risk of an attack inevitably reduces.


Did you know Aruba ClearPass can be used as a discovery tool?


Still struggling to identify the number of devices accessing your network? Aruba trial licences can be used to determined how many devices are on your network in a similar way to using WMI querying in Microsoft. Network discovery scan improvements are enabling IT administrators and engineers to login downstream to switches, gaining higher visibility across the entire network ecosystem, down to individual end points.


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