Aruba APAC Atmosphere 2018: Intelligent Edge Capabilities

Aruba Atmosphere

Aruba APAC Atmosphere 2018: Intelligent Edge Capabilities


Aruba APAC Atmosphere 2018 and our time in Bangkok has come to an end. 

With over 2000 global wireless and wired network specialists gathered together to discuss intelligent edge capabilities, it’s not surprising that we can highlight some very interesting new products and features coming to market.


The conference focused not only on a mobile first network but also on further developing the experience associated with a mobile first network. We would like to draw attention to:

– Aruba Insight

– Aruba Cape

– The Aruba 360 security portfolio and,

– Software Defined Branch




These products will provide exceptional value add for our clients and here is why!

Aruba Insight Assists Smart Digital Workplaces


Whether you want to bring more IoT, voice and/or video over IP, you can cater for the 24/7 always on network with Aruba Insights machine learnt analytics.  With automated insights and prescriptive recommendations, businesses can continuously adapt and improve the quality of the users’ experience.


Key features:  

  •    – Prescriptive recommendations to optimise Wi-Fi performance
  •   – Network baseline with insights from Wi-Fi, authentication and DHCP data resources
  •    – User centric connectivity
  •    – Real-time network anomaly detection
  •    – Impact validation for tracking the effect of network changes
  •    – Visualisation of user mobility for network and resource planning
  •    – Helpdesk dashboard for accelerated troubleshooting
  •    – Cloud sourcing for cross-organisation comparisons


Aruba Cape Network Solution


Aruba Cape awards engineers the ability to proactively experience their network before users do, allowing them the opportunity to significantly improve the user experience. If you are looking to deliver the best possible network experience, this could be the product for you and will be available in a month’s time!


Key features:

  •    – Extensive test suite for Wi-Fi, LAN, DHCP, DNS, authentication, captive portals, cloud applications, and internal applications
  •    – Accurate simulated tests over Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections
  •    – Onsite sensors reduce the effort normally required to go on-site
  •    – A unique, five-column traffic light model easily lets you visualise performance
  •    – Smart notifications help keep you informed
  •    – Easily scalable
  •    – Alert integration with email, SMS, slack and pagers.


Aruba 360 Security Fabric – Second to None


With perimeter-based security now deemed inefficient in protecting organisations, the Aruba 360 secure fabric provides a complete integrated package, not only giving engineers peace of mind but also significantly reducing their workload.


By combining Introspect, User Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA), ClearPass- Network Access Control (NAC), AI analytics, 3rd party infrastructure and integrated security exchange (with Palo Alto, McFee, Due or ArcSight) with the secure core; Mobile first infrastructure organisations award themselves with an autonomous security portfolio that achieves greater insights and provides a security offering second to none. In our opinion, large organisations cannot afford to overlook this security offering.


Aruba 360 provides your business with;

  •    – A new way to deal with security threats
  •    – Protection of the digital workplace amidst a vanishing security perimeter
  •    – Options to manage and protect your data
  •    – Ironclad network access control
  •    – Detection of attacks inside the perimeter with UEBA
  •    – Clarify with the ability to use all your defences in an open, multi-vendor ecosystem


Next Generation Software Defined Branch


Today’s branch networks are no

longer defined by atypical WAN hub-and-spoke model. Public and private cloud options now provide users with direct access to corporate applications and services from any device.


This exposes new management, visibility, and security risks AND new connectivity requirements for branch, remote, and mobile workers.


With Aruba SD-WAN you can;

  •    – Improve visibility and control
  •    – Improve TCO for WAN and LAN through reducing your MPLS network needs
  •    – Integrate SD-WAN with existing management tools
  •    – Optimise traffic with role-based awareness


If these Aruba products are of interest to you, contact NetWireless who can advise the best solutions for your business objectives.

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