NetWireless Solution Significantly Enhances Recreational Centre

Wireless in the Gym

NetWireless Solution Significantly Enhances Recreational Centre

In a mobile first world, it is necessary to enable a connected interactive recreational environment. By deploying an enterprise grade wireless network solution, exceptionally high-speed, high-quality, secure Wi-Fi can offer an enhanced health and fitness experience for members by:

– Accessing the full functionality of technically capable gym equipment.

– Engage members in their own health and fitness journey by enabling them to connect to cutting-edge health and wellness applications.

– Collect member heart rates, log workouts and track statistics to provide improved personalised workout plans.

– Customise individual workout plans based on whether members want to lose weight, train for a marathon or tone up/bulk up.

– Project heart rates and calories burned to screens throughout the centre or in specific locations only.

– Utilise wearable tech to help members reach their personal goals.

– Gamify monotonous exercises through individual or team, cloud-based, challenges.

– Provide push notifications regarding nutrition advice directly to members phones.

– Track and highlight ‘most regular’ attendees on screens.

– Save workout data to members phones to allow them to track their own progress.

– Enhance the member experience by easily allowing uploading of favourite photos to social media.

– Stream Netflix or Stan to individual devices or gym equipment for the ultimate choice in screen viewing or go one step further and offer full length movies on large projected screens.

– Create a community of members who can train and socialise together. Tag members into training groups and send a push notification to attend the facility when one tagged member arrives.

– Increase business opportunities by offering virtual reality workouts.

– Offer a 24/7 service.

– Deploy beacon technology to track the flow of members throughout your facility; Map and understand peak traffic flows to organise equipment and classes to better meet member needs.

– Easily upload and share marketing materials to projectors and screens throughout the centre or go directly to members mobiles.

– Improve the efficiency of business first operations such as administration tasks, memberships, marketing, accounting and payroll.

– Provide secure connections and an overall great user experience.


Having recently worked with Michael Zadorozniak, club owner at Re-Creation Health Club Burwood East, we understand techno-gyms are the future of sports and recreational spaces. It is happening right now, don’t be left in the dark. When asked about working with NetWireless, Michael said: “NetWireless gets the job done, and we got the results we wanted.”


An enterprise grade wireless solution provides the opportunity for recreational centres to take advantage of the wide array of features, applications and programs on offer. Are you ready to offer a superior experience at your recreational centre?



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