Be Location Ready with Aruba Meridian Wayfinding

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Be Location Ready with Aruba Meridian Wayfinding

Hospitals, airports, museums, theme parks, large resorts, stadiums, retail and conference centres are advancing with the deployment of indoor location positioning systems. The ability to pinpoint a smartphone inside a venue is significantly enhancing the visitor experience.

Aruba Meridian Wayfinding is currently in action at the Levi Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, Santa Clara, where attendees can be precisely directed to their seat anywhere in the 68,000-seat stadium.

How Aruba Meridian Wayfinding works?

Aruba Meridian is a simple subscription-based licensing mobile cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) application, that requires a high quality, high performing wireless network, Bluetooth beacon technology and a user’s smartphone to triangulate a person’s location to 1-3m accuracy within venues.

The Aruba Meridian app builder guides users to produce a unique customised application for their venue or they can use the SDK options to integrate the solution into a current application already in use.

The high performing optimal Wi-Fi network has the ability to track smartphones in real time, anonymously representing each device or person as a blue dot on a map of the venue. Low energy Bluetooth beacons with a limited range of 75m can be deployed to communicate with any smartphones in range.

Together these technologies offer tangible benefits for both customer and venue.

Aruba Meridian Wayfinding Benefits to the Customer

• Step by step directional instructions to specific locations even in buildings with single direction escalators or routes.
• Receive proximity-based notifications to improve their experience. For example, a welcome message pops up on their mobile after they enter the building.
• Two visitors can locate each other through the ‘Find a friend or associate’ feature.

Aruba Meridian Wayfinding Benefits to the Venue

• Venue specific analytics
o Analyse the traffic flows and add additional services to busy areas
o Alleviate congestion with alternative options for visiting the bathroom or beverage counters
o Using data analytics make informed decisions to improve the customers’ experience
o Understand who your visitors are? Why they are there? Did they have a great experience? Would they be likely to return?
• Improve customer engagement
• Advertising campaigns by proximity.
• Asset track high value equipment/items.

Are you looking to offer more at your venue/facility? Meridian Wayfinding could be the solution. Contact NetWireless Today to discuss how this service could directly benefit you.


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