Why NetWireless values Aruba ClearPass?

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Why NetWireless values Aruba ClearPass?

Aruba ClearPass is a Gartner Magic Quadrant leading Network Access Control (NAC) solution, awarding organisations greater visibility and control across their network infrastructure.


Here NetWireless outlines why they have a deep appreciation for Aruba’s ClearPass:


  1.    1. ClearPass continuously observes a network across multi-vendor, wired or wireless environments to profile end points. Individual device signatures are created through a sequential authentication process, generating a database of known devices, establishing the foundation of ‘granular visibility’ across a network. This equips system administrators with the knowledge of who, what and when a network is or has been accessed.


  1.    2. ClearPass enables enhanced policy enforcement. By understanding what is on the network, administrators can authorise access based on known devices and users to automate rejection of unknown devices. In time, a machine learnt understanding of expected behaviour can be utilised.


  1.    3. ClearPass provides a real time security attack response by blocking devices and/or users that present unusual behaviour, ultimately protecting the organisations resources, data and privacy. Adaptive responses act as an early warning detection system for CSIO’s, quantifying and reducing the security risk. If unusual behaviour is presented, an automatic quarantine of the device occurs before any further infiltration is possible. An added bonus is that threat remediation also extends to third parties.


  1.    4. ClearPass performs regular health checks to ensure devices are patched and have been updated with the latest anti-malware, anti-virus and firmware. Performance assessments are key to an optimally performing, efficient network.


  1.    5. ClearPass manages the guest environment separately by monitoring the access and activity of authorised visitors on the network. Temporary access can be granted to specific internal resources without exposing private resources. Any intrusions or out of the ordinary behaviour can be understood and identified, even for visitors’ accounts.


  1.    6. The user friendly centralised administration web interface provides comprehensive reporting in real time, allowing system engineers and administrators, anytime anywhere working.


  1.    7. Aruba ClearPass is easily integrated with multi-vendor application firmware, MDM, Next Generation Firewalls and a range of servers.


  1.    8. Aruba Introspect UEBA, Aruba OnGuard, Aruba Onboard and Aruba OnConnect add ons can enhance the already powerful platform.


  1.    9. Aruba ClearPass can offer a lower total cost of ownership when compared to products of a similar grade.



Be confident in improving operational performance with Aruba ClearPass.
Provide first-class network access visibility, control and response management system that allows easy on-boarding of BYOD and IoT for efficient and secure anytime anywhere working.


Would you like to:


  •    – Be more productive?
  •    – Facilitate new applications across your organisation?
  •    – Integrate IoT and BYOD securely?
  •    – Improve the end user experience?
  •    – Avoid huge fines from GDPR and The Australia Data Breach Act 2018?


NetWireless are certified Aruba Consultants and our Aruba Engineers are at the ready to ensure your network is safe and performing optimally.



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