Top 7 benefits of Pop-Up Wi-Fi for Events, Conferences and Festivals

Pop Up Wifi

Top 7 benefits of Pop-Up Wi-Fi for Events, Conferences and Festivals

Ultra-High-Density Access Points provide a superior user experience in highly populated demanding environments such as large sports arenas and conference centres. The increased throughput, coupled with effective network management significantly boosts network efficiency, by facilitating large volumes of data to connect simultaneously. These advanced Access Points reduce equipment acquisition and deployment, ultimately paving the way for high quality Pop-Up Wi-Fi.

Our top 7 benefits highlight how pop-up Wi-Fi improves workflow, provides additional capabilities and offers increased sales and marketing opportunities at conferences, events and festivals.

1. Pop-Up Wi-Fi is Easily Adaptable

Pop-Up Wi-Fi is achievable anytime, anywhere for as long as required. The network can be easily scaled to suit the number of attendees/devices in use, the venue size, the environment and any external interference. Pop-Up Wi-Fi allows for easy last minute scaling to account for increased or decreased attendance at an event.

2. Financial Savings

Event organisers are offered a pay as you go policy. Renting equipment for a period of time saves money in ongoing power, maintenance and resource costs associated with having a permanent wireless network.

3. Provide the WOW factor with Innovative Location-Based Services

Utilising location-based services blasts events, conferences and festivals to the next level by offering a customer centric approach.

– Way finding functionality can navigate individuals to their seat or a specific location via step by step instructions. Enable simple navigation throughout complex building structures and multifaceted events.

– Attendees can trigger proximity aware notifications.  A welcome message, along with details of the free downloadable app can be delivered as a text or push notification. This immediate interaction will resonate with attendees.

– Provide free flowing movement throughout your event by identifying bottlenecks or queues. Use push notifications to direct attendees away or provide additional support to high volume areas.

– Orders of merchandise, food or services can be delivered directly to your guest’s current location, even if they are on the move.

– Real-time location functionality can pinpoint your attendee on a venue map – Finding friends, family or colleagues couldn’t be easier. This also provides an added safety feature in the event of an emergency.

4. Improve Customer Satisfaction with a Compelling Mobile Experience

An easily downloadable event app can provide a two-way communication channel for event organisers and security, a Q & A facility for guests, payment methods for food, beverages and merchandise, event information such as schedules, timetables and live coverage, including replays or missed commentary.

A great mobile experience is proven to increase customer satisfaction and approval ratings but offering a great feature without high-quality Wi-Fi will only frustrate attendees.


5. Provide Extensive Sales and Marketing Opportunities

The opportunities to provide event partners and organisers with additional sales and marketing opportunities are endless. With high quality Wi-Fi you enable:

– Event partners the capability of sending notifications to attendees about specific activities, product promotions or services.

– Merchandise and paraphernalia can be easily promoted.

– Targeted adverts can be displayed on video boards as people pass by.

– Fully immersive experiences using virtual reality to simulate products or services add value.

– The fan experience. Allow attendees to easily upload videos or photos to varying social media channels. Shared content can be displayed on big screens or specifically located video boards showcasing the content along with target adverts. Having a team on the ground to engage and interact with your audience in real time by responding to their social media posts, yields very positive results.

6. Deliver Safe and Secure Wi-Fi

Network Access Control (NAC) mechanisms enables security to be managed and monitored easily, providing a safe and secure environment for attendees to utilise the network.

7. Yield Useful Information from Data Analytics

Post event analysis can deliver a wealth of knowledge for event organisers.  Heat sensitive maps can highlight popular attractions, exhibits or talks. Information can be drilled down to a one metre radius, identifying how long people viewed or remained in certain areas of the event.

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