Simple Actions to Help Prevent a Cyber Attack

Network Security

Simple Actions to Help Prevent a Cyber Attack

Security is the talk of the day. Here are our top 5 simple steps to ensuring you are safeguarding your network.

1. Awareness

Ensure your people are aware about the range of high level security threats.    Collaborate across your entire organisation, educating teams about Adware,      Spyware, Viruses, Scams, Spam, Malicious Software, Phishing Emails/Websites, Trojan Horses, Men in the Middle, Drive by Downloads, Zombies/Bots, Waterholes and Ransomware.

Stay up to date with the latest’s scams and phishing emails. – Check in with the Australian Cyber Security Council for the latest information on threats and attacks within our business community.

2. Back Up

Back up your information and business critical applications. This is critical in the event of an attack. You can roll back your systems to maintain a working environment.

Test your back up system regularly and ensure your back up systems are readily available.

3. Access Control

Use strong passwords which are changed and updated regularly, avoiding passwords which are readable and easily decipherable.

Use Two-factor authentication where possible.

Lock iPad and laptops, so if physically stolen, sensitive data is protected.

4. Patch and Update Software

Update antivirus/malware software.

Set systems and software to automatically update.

5. Operational Tactics

Ensure software developers not only create functioning applications but also encourage them to consider security at the development phase.

Cloud solutions are beneficial in that they are backed by large security budgets; Consider more cloud solutions.


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