Implementing a Wireless Network will reduce TCO and increase ROI

Return on Wireless Network Investment

Implementing a Wireless Network will reduce TCO and increase ROI

As Chief of Technology, chances are you are constantly balancing value versus cost. Upgrading to a wireless network can often be overlooked with many businesses throwing away the immense opportunity to increase revenue and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Recently, NetWireless transitioned a 300-desk office from a wired to a wireless environment with staggering results. Proudly, we can say that the TCO was significantly reduced at every stage in the deployment through to significant savings in ongoing power consumption. Further to this, the deployment of the upgraded Wireless Network created higher than expected revenue through increased speed, efficiency and innovation.

How TCO was reduced by deploying a Wireless Network?


Operating, maintaining and powering IT equipment can be a costly business. The ongoing power consumption of 300 wired clients plus 300 wired IP phones requiring 14 switch ports for the desks alone were significantly higher compared to a wireless environment which required 40 Access Points with only one switch module for exactly the same floor space.

Based on the standard rate of 22.56 cents per kilowatt-hour the wireless environment would save an estimated $25,702.20 over the average lifetime of the equipment. With power consumption directly affecting ongoing monthly expenses, it is extremely advantageous to consider the 74% saving in energy usage.

Further savings were made in acquiring the equipment, with ongoing savings in maintenance and licencing.  Coupled with the added benefit of reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

In summary, the remarkable savings are generated by using less cabling, resulting in less patching to the communication cabinet and lower installation costs. Less switch modules are required, equalling reduced power bills and lower ongoing maintenance.

NOTE: When estimating power usage for a Wireless Network Infrastructure we would take into account the maximum power rating and maximum heat dissipation, applying the worst-case theoretical maximum numbers provided for planning the infrastructure with fully loaded PoE (if equipped), 100% traffic, all ports plugged in, and all modules populated.

How ROI can increase by deploying a Wireless Network?


In the wireless environment, IT administrators now have the resources at their fingertips to enable the best network performance for business-critical applications. Network Managers are able to illuminate network issues before they even arise, with less amendments, time is made available for strategy and innovation. Advance security measures implemented are maintaining a stronger defence from cyber-attacks.

From the initial Wireless Site Survey, Access Points were installed in ideal locations for continuity of service across the entire floor. Employees now move seamlessly around, continuing to access business critical applications and video conferencing on the move. Faster collaboration than ever before has been achieved as applications and files can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Future IOT, BYOD and guest access projects have begun with new and innovative thinking being put into practice. Although unmeasurable, it is reported that employee satisfaction is greater, with further increases in employee productivity and company revenues expected.

Impressively, a Wireless Network can be easily scaled for business growth. The ease of either up or down scaling a wireless environment increases revenue through reduced downtime.

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