Poorly Configured Network Infrastructure Impacts Wi-Fi

Poor Network Infrastructure impacts Wi-Fi Network

Poorly Configured Network Infrastructure Impacts Wi-Fi

Few people are aware that poorly configured networks have the potential to impact Wi-Fi performance. On occasion, following a NetWireless Network Audit the configuration of switches and controllers have been identified as major contributors to low quality Wi-Fi.


Peace of mind can be attained by conducting a full-scale network assessment to ensure your entire network is performing securely and optimally.


NetWireless expertise offers small to large scale enterprises wireless and wired audits to assess:




Do you know if the latest security patches and updates have been applied to your network? Software patches are a network wide issue required across all hardware and supporting devices. If you have only applied patches to your mainframe infrastructure it will not necessarily reduce the associated risks. NetWireless will inform you of required patches and updates for all devices and supporting devices.




Reviewing Access Point location, signal strength and utilisation throughout the site(s) will highlight any flaws across the 2GHz and 5GHz frequency. Heatmap visualisation provides IT Infrastructure managers’ clear insight into network utilisation with spectrum analysis from non-802.11 devices and rogue networks being clearly identified.




Is your system management access set up correctly? Are your system platform security setting, licensing and redundancy correctly applied?  What about your WLAN set up? NetWireless Audits identify critical issues to be resolved immediately and outline future improvements to your network configuration.


Unsure if your network is performing optimally? Opt for a full-scale network audit. Following the audit, our highly skilled engineers provide a detailed report to ensure that IT Managers can implement necessary changes to ensure a secure and optimal network or you can speak to our team about our managed services offerings.



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