Remain a Hybrid Operation or Move to 100% Cloud?

Moving to hybrid cloud environment: Cloud Security

Remain a Hybrid Operation or Move to 100% Cloud?

With enterprise level adoption of cloud computing positioned to drive revenue and innovation, CIO’s will be contemplating taking their hybrid operations further into the cloud. It is well-known that 100% cloud solutions have proven hugely successful for small – medium enterprises, particularly in the retail, hospitality and healthcare industries; Allowing anytime anywhere operations, increased productivity and increased revenue. With both Cisco Meraki and Aruba Central offering large scale cloud solutions, surely, large-scale enterprises have the same opportunity to further leverage the ROI of cloud computing, or do they?!


The substantial benefits offered by cloud adoption are commonly reported to include:

– Increased revenue through increased productivity,

– Cost effective subscription methods,

– Reduced cost of ownership of maintaining internal systems/operations,

– Built in disaster recovery options and automated software updates,

– Higher visibility of your network, managed from anywhere,

– Cloud guest access with guest analytics,

– Clarity of network activity,

– Analytical horsepower enabling way finding opportunities,

– Scalable and reliable elastic storage options,

– Heavily secure with highly experienced staff maintaining data centre environments,

– Great collaboration tools and integrated services,

– Organisations are more likely to meet SLA’s and,

– Cloud computing supports company growth and agility, remaining competitive in an evolving market.


The positives of cloud computing strongly outweigh those of not moving to the cloud. However, larger organisations can face difficulties when trying to obtain ROI from cloud solutions due to:

             – Private cloud implementation mishaps due to larger companies facing skills shortages for cloud computing adoption,

– Business misalignment with strategies for business growth and opportunity varying across departments,

– CIO’s struggle with time, budget and authority to make substantial organisational change,

– Siloed organisations with varying system preferences can find it hard to completely encompass an all fitting cloud solution,

– Deployments within large scale organisations can incur latency issues that slow productivity and are therefore not beneficial,

– High headcounts encounter issues with continuity of service. Success is more likely to bring a ROI if the people believe in the change. A through change management plan is key to uptake and adoption.


As cloud maturity develops within a company overtime, so will the business opportunities. While small-medium businesses are in the ideal position to take full advantages of cloud computing immediately, feasibility for large scale organisations is not clear cut and organisations should proceed carefully. Are you considering taking your large-scale organisation to the cloud?  Contact the experts at NetWireless to discuss your options.



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